Corporate Identity:
In this competitive market environment it is imperative for a company to have the decisive edge over its competitors. With more businesses opportunities appearing on the horizon, it is pivotal for a company to get recognized as a professional enterprise to attract attention and achieve business objectives. Stationery design is best suited for envelopes, writing pads, brochures and visiting cards. Usually, they can act as your promotional advertisement; the better your stationery designs, more chances to generate large number of customers.

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Broucher Design:
Our creative brochure design team assesses your work process to create creative and innovative designs at affordable rates and with precision. Design concepts ready in a quick time. Satisfactions guarantee and ensure best results by providing unlimited revisions till final design approval. An experienced and expert multi-disciplinary team works on brochure: graphic designers, marketing experts, illustrators, copywriters. Providing services all around the world for more than 12 years. Affordable and high-quality end products.

Presentation Design:
JMDS specializes exclusively in Flash and PowerPoint presentation design services. Over the years, the company has consistently produced superior PPT Presentation services to its clients globally.

If your company is thinking of creating something out of the box PPT presentations, consider outsourcing PPT presentation services to JMDS to unleash creative and innovative presentations at its best. By leveraging the benefits of its expert and experienced professionals, it delivers an array of valuable benefits with cost effective.

Flyer and Inserts Design:
JMDS has been developing creative and innovative marketing tools for clients around the globe. It has vast experience of design for print, ranging in scale from handy business cards to show-stopping posters. Tell us your requirements and we'll deliver the fresh, creative work whilst paying meticulous attention to your company’s details. Whether you want to stand out or want to generate your own crowd, JMDS’s creative team has the experience and confidence to give you the decisive edge over your competitors. Over the year's clients have benefit not only from our design, management and layout service, but also from the team of experts in copywriting, consultation, illustration and designing layouts.

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Poster Design:
Creative and innovative designed posters can attract a specific audience, and deliver focused message. JMDS’s extensive creative, communication and marketing experience helps get your business noticed. In a simple word we design posters that sell!

According to your needs and requirements we will produce unique posters in any shape and size. Over the years of experience we have generated some of best mix of materials, inks and finishes.

Labels and Sticker Design:
Label and stickers printing is one of the convenient forms to increase safety and improve work process. By printing custom labels on hazardous areas of any production floor can prevent mishaps and can alert workers on time. Training can also be imparted to employees on good working habits by posting custom labels with reminders.

Logo Design:
In this competitive era, an attractive and creative logo can act as an image builder for any brand. People recollect brand with the symbol of a logo. Just few years back enterprises use to prefer frilly and vividly decorative logos but since the inception of animation and multimedia tools companies opt for a creative and dynamic nature of a logo.

Selecting a logo can sometimes turn out to be a tricky proposition as there are different types of logo to choose from with each having its own uniqueness. Among the different types of logos available today typographic logos can be considered the most common type, simple and straightforward logo that are used to define a company.

2D Animation:
JMDS has got proper mastering services to transfer animations from digital form to analogue form. It is expert in making 2D Animation designs apart from authoring static and dynamic web sites.

Our digitization services have a perfect blend of quality, consistency and timely delivery of service, which has led over the years to a long-term bond with our clients.

Our pool of competent and experienced technicians provides the best quality of graphic digitization services. It can also assist you in re-creating a high-quality, creative, innovative detailed oriented modules.

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3D Animation:
JMDS is specialized in creating spectacular 3D animations advertisement for various organizations. Our 3D animations advertisement is especially effective and persuasive enough reach out your target audience. Over the years our designers have created several 3D visualization and animation for use in advertising, marketing and promotion campaigns.

Adding 3D images or animation in your campaigns can bring out remarkable results on products or services. It gives the audience to see a vivid representation of various product and services. With backgrounds in graphic design, web development, interactive multimedia, systems analysis and project development and management, our team can bring innovative and creative ideas as well as uniqueness to each of your projects.

Our team is experience enough to develop solutions for all budget ranges. Our forte includes making 3D models for different purposes. Over the years it has created some interesting 3D models for Ad films, training programs, multimedia presentations and more.

Video Editing:
Editing and special effects have permeated almost every multimedia production. It has moved from the fringes of filmmaking to the digital world of multimedia.

Things that were once thought impossible with traditional special effects can now be achieved with ease.

It can generate life into the dull looking productions and turned it to much more interesting and appealing with proper editing and special effect skills.

JMDS has an in-house execution capability for editing. Our creative editors with non-linear editing workstations give an array of interesting options and add life to overall production.