JMDS WEB SERVE is a provider of Web technology services, founded by experienced software industry professionals with business knowledge and technical expertise. Our programmers have developed a seamless shopping experience and e-commerce functions for a variety of websites targeting both consumer and business-to-business markets.

We are working together towards the success of our mission to provide quality and cost effective solutions to businesses in India. We specialize in high-end technology in computer services and application for education, engineering and industrial users.

The company is geared to offer a broad range of web services, ranging from advising clients on strategic technology plans to developing and implementing web applications. JMDS WEB SERVE will provide custom-tailored solutions based on an assessment of each client's needs.

We understand the importance of on time delivery of projects. Our team of programmers, project managers, designers and technicians share the same philosophy to adhere to strict delivery schedules.

We do not have people who are jack of all trades, but master of none. We believe in giving the right job to the right people. This is why we have a group of specialists specializing in a wide range of fields. So, whether you need ecommerce solutions, ERP solutions, or multimedia solutions, you can rely on JMDS WEB SERVE.

Helping clients achieve quicker outcomes has always been the focus of our team. We are firm believers in the innate potential of every team member and constant sharpening of their skills by providing the right training and atmosphere. We also encourage our team members to explore their creativity and come up with original ideas. This is why they are able to add a personal touch to whatever they do particularly in highly creative tasks like web application development or mobile applications development.

We have a dedicated in-house quality assurance team, who ensure strict adherence to quality standards before any solution is delivered. All the processes are documented and then evaluated, leading to a smooth transition of solutions from the conceptual to the actual delivery stage. So, if you are looking to outsource software development work to India, we at JMDS WEB SERVE are more than happy to help you out.